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Jack Cunningham – 1952-2013

We’re mourning the all too early death of Jack Cunningham this evening.

Jack died suddenly earlier today and will be remembered very fondly here not just for his involvement in the factory MG efforts at the 2001 and 2002 Le Mans 24 Hours, and his subsequent efforts with Vipers at home and abroad, but as a real friend to the DSC partners in the early years of the enterprise and beyond.

Jack came into the sport as a backer to Hugh Chamberlain in the late 1990s after he and his brother moved from careers as airline pilots into the altogether more stressful  -  but ultimately more rewarding - trade of airliner leasing and brokerage.

In more recent timers Jack set up and ran the A1 Team Malaysia effort with Alex Yoong, the effort scoring a total of five race wins over the short life of the  A1GP circus.

We’re very saddened indeed by the news of his passing – Our thoughts and condolences to Gill and to all of his very many friends in the sport and beyond.