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Grand-Am, The Rolex 24 At Daytona - Race Gallery
Photography by Martin Spetz

Park Place Porker
Formation Flying
Glowing Report

Led But Broke
Scuderia Corse
Play Misty For Me

Nicely Mucky
Weathertech Found The Weather
But Led Into The Morning

Splitter Trouble Blunted Magnus Edge
#02 Missed Out
It Turned Out To Be Unlucky #13

Angelelli Was A Very Unhappy Bunny Post Race
No Podium For Pagenaud
Beginning Of The End For #42

Quality Street
Bright House
No Trophy For #59

#69 Takes The High Road
#getallanthewatch Will Have To Wait Another Year
Fixing Ferrari

Lots Of Luck – All Of It Bad
Quick Stoppers
Pack Wolves

No Finish For Turner
Beautiful Day
Winners – Again!

Packed Podium
Classes of 2013
All Star Line-Up

Drinking Contest
Eeenie, Meenie, Miney Mo!
Audi Make Even More 24 Hour History

Alex Job Rocks It
Cups Up
GX Winners