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Decision Day For Le Mans and WEC Entries

So today we’ll hear details of the most important race entries for 2013 as the full season FIA WEC and Le Mans 24 Hours entries are revealed.

We know already that for Le Mans there is a pool of 70 to draw from (after the withdrawal of the JRM Racing Honda), that the WEC list is likely to be higher than 28 and that the GTE pool may feature the SRT Vipers (at Le Mans) alongside a boosted Porsche entry (with a factory team for the first time since 1998), that a substantial number of Aston Martins were entered (at least six with perhaps as many as four for the full WEC).

In the LMP classes the LMP1 numbers are down to worrying levels, perhaps as few as 8 entries, not all of them by any means confirmed for the WEC where we are likely to see no more than 5 for the full season plus others on a race by race basis.  There is a massive challenge ahead here for the rulemakers if this isn’t to be the final year of privateer LMP1 for some time to come.

That means though that there are likely to have been around 30 LMP2s in the mix, but these are tricky days for the Pro-am formula.

We’re aware of a number of teams that are in speculative mood.  The ‘oui’ or ‘non’ for some of them will make the difference between a full programme, a part programme, or no programme at all as the teams work hard to draw out the interest of sufficiently monied and talented gentleman drivers. My guess is that the Le Mans entry list is likely to be rather more fluid than usual in 2013!

There are likely to be some surprises on the list – in the teams, the cars, and the number of cars being fielded – Some will be good news, some not!

ELMS entries won't be announced today, they'll come in around a fortnight's time.

Marcel ten Caat is joining the conference in Paris and will be no doubt tweeting live at @dsceuroeditor and @dscracelive as well as gathering comment and reaction from the luminaries present.

You can follow proceedings with the live stream from and you’ll surely want to listen in to too which will be online from around 14:15 UK time featuring the usual crew and, subject to my finding an available wifi connection, yours truly too!