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Corvette On Safety

Fehan On IMSA Safety Teams

A short conversation with Doug Fehan of Corvette Racing included this important nugget about an overlooked aspect of racing in the ALMS that needs to be included as we move forward.

“One of my greatest concerns/desires moving forward is to insure that we have a continuation of our race proven safety protocols, which would include our current (IMSA) safety teams.  On a professional level, leaving safety to individual tracks does not serve the competitors in a manner in which they deserve.”

No matter the situation, the safety of the competitors and the fans must be put at the forefront of the sport.  One way to address this is to continue the use of the full time safety crew that IMSA has utilized over the years and to fully utilize this asset in the future.

Pratt & Miller’s New Tech

Corvette featured a new safety-focused piece of tech on their race cars for the first time at Sebring, a rearward facing anti-collision system.

The system uses radar technology to track and identify up to 32 different objects and to predict closing speed and proximity in all conditions and at night.

There’s a video on You-Tube that shows the system in action and you can well see, particularly when watching the sequences in the rain and in darkness, how that information could help to distinguish between general dazzle and an immediate potential hazard.

The system also shows the current gap to any car behind the Corvette, and uses colour coding to show whether a car is closing, falling away, or on a similar pace.