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Tom Onslow Cole Tests For AMR

Thursday saw Aston Martin Racing out in force at Snetterton for a pre-Le Mans test, the stealthy Richard Leach was on hand to shoot these shots.

The #95 #96 #97 and #98 cars were present together with Kristian Poulson, Christoffer Nygaard, Jamie Campbell Walter, Stefan Mucke, Darren Turner, Stuart Hall and Roald Goethe.

Also on hand were Jonny Adam and BTCC star Tom Onslow-Cole, who was invited by Aston Martin Racing team principal John Gaw to take a turn in the Beechdean V12 Vantage GT3 for the first time.

John Gaw comments: “I was impressed when I first met Tom with his attitude and approach and his clear understanding of how the commercial side of motorsport works. He has also impressed recently on the track and did so again at the test yesterday. We look forward to seeing him in a GT car soon.”

Tom adds:  “Considering I only did a handful of laps, the Vantage GT3 was incredibly easy to drive. There is so much grip and you get plenty of information back as a driver – it’s incredibly satisfying. Thanks to Aston Martin Racing for the fantastic opportunity.”

Whether Tom will drive for Aston Martin Racing or one of its customer teams in the future is yet to be determined.