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ADAC GT Masters, Oschersleben – Race Reports
Abt Take The Wins, But Reiter The Title

In order to double the chance of defending their championship Abt Sportsline decided to split Christopher Mies and Luca Ludwig up. Ludwig was partnered with Jens Klingmann in the No. 2 Audi R8 LMS, while Mies got Kuba Giermaziak as his partner for the No. 1 car.

It was Giermaziak securing the pole position for the 13th race of the weekend, ahead of Luhr in the second Abt-Audi. For race two Peter Kox drove the best time of the session, while Klingmann qualified in second.

Race 1

At the start of the race Luca Ludwig was able to get past his usual teammate Giermaziak.

Both cars touched but were able to escape with only minor damage. Giermaziak was able to defend his second position against Albert von Thurn und Taxis in the Reiter Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT3 and Martin Matzke in the sole Alpina B6 GT3.

Philip Geipel, driving a second Lamborghini Gallardo of Reiter Engineering, had to park his Italian stallion with a suspension failure at the end of the start finish straight, prompting race control to dispatch the safety car in order to recover the stranded Lamborghini.

Ludwig was able to keep his lead after the restart and could separate himself from his competitors. After the round of pit stops, Christopher Mies was in the lead ahead of his teammate Jens Klingmann. But Klingmann was faster than Mies and the lead of the 2009 FIA GT3 champion didn’t last long. After Klingmann got passed Mies, Peter Kox was able to get up behind the Abt Audi.

Also both of the Rosberg-Audis, the Pole-Promotion Audi and the Mühlner Porsche were able to catch up to Kox and Mies.

After one hour, Jens Klingmann took the chequered flag. But after the stewards of the meeting found Luca Ludwig having done a jump start, they lashed out a 30 second penalty on Klingmann and Ludwig prompting them to fall back into 13th place. The win then went to Kuba Giermaziak and Christopher Mies ahead of Peter Kox and Albert von Thurn und Taxis.

Kenneth Heyer – Michael Ammermüller finished in third place, ahead of the Pole-Promotion Audi of Rene Rast and Heiko Hammel and their teammates Christopher Haase and Christiaan Frankenhout.

Frank Schmickler and Tim Bergmeister finished 6th. Toni Seiler took the amateur driver trophy, by finishing in 7th place. The Dodge Viper of Mintgen Motorsport, driven by Marc Basseng and Christopher Brück, scored the first point of the season.

Race 2

The start for the final ADAC GT Masters race of the 2010 season was won by Peter Kox ahead of Jens Klingmann.

But there was already a clash in the first corner, Manuel Lauck in the Pinta Racing Porsche 997 GT3 R spun Sascha Bert in the Maoam Corvette Z.06 GT3, taking those two cars plus the Mühlner Porsche of Charlie Geipel and Achim Winter out of the race. This prompted Race Control to bring out the safety car.

At the restart, Kox was able to fend of Klingmann in the Abt Audi. Klingmann kept second position ahead of Christopher Haase, Tim Bergmeister and Christopher Mies. Teammates Thomas Jäger and Christian Hohenadel clashed into Turn 1, prompting Hohenadel to fall far back and Jäger having to finish his race, with a damaged Corvette.

Christopher Mies had a big moment a couple of laps later, when he did a 360° spin on the start finish straight.

But despite the spin and a damaged front of the Audi Mies was able to keep his fifth position. Coming from the back of the grid was the Wieth Racing Porsche 997 GT3 R. After having a crash in the qualifying session, prompting the team to miss the first race of the weekend, Niclas Kentenich drove his heart out. By race halftime he was already in 8th position.

When the pit stop window closed Luca Ludwig was leading the race ahead of Albert von Thurn und Taxis. Ludwig was able to take the lead, thanks to a well timed pit stop by Abt Sportsline. Frank Schmickler in the Mühlner Porsche took third place when Christiaan Frankenhout had to retire from the race with a technical problem.

Christopher Mies was in fourth place, when in the Hotel Kurve he and Sebastian Asch in the Wieth-Racing Porsche touched. Because of this Sebastian Asch was slammed with a drive through penalty, but Asch never dived for the pit lane, prompting race control to disqualify him.

Luca Ludwig drove home his third win of the season and this time he and his partner Jens Klingmann weren’t disqualified. Second place and the championship went to Albert von Thurn und Taxis and Peter Kox.

The final podium step was occupied by Frank Schmickler and Tim Bergmeister ahead of Kenneth Heyer and Michael Ammermüller in the sole remaining Rosberg Audi R8 LMS. Edward Sandström and Claudia Hürtgen, in one of the two Schubert Motorsport BMW Z4 GT3s, finished fifth ahead of Philip Geipel and Frank Kechele in the second Reiter Lamborghini.

Roland Rehfeld and Norman Knop finished seventh ahead of the second Schubert BMW Z4 GT3 of Jörg Müller and Stian Sörlie.

This wraps up an interesting season of the GT Masters, with Albert von Thurn und Taxis and Peter Kox being crowned champion. The team championship went to Abt Sportsline, while Toni Seiler took the amateur crown.


Race one
Race two

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