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Dunlop Le Mans

JMW Back Again In 2013

Amongst the good news in the Le Mans entry list released last week was that JMW Motorsport had taken up their automatic entry for the great race.
Their privately run, Dunlop shod GT2 and later GTE cars have become a staple in the sport for the past several seasons with Jim McWhirter’s team producing back to back Le Mans Series titles with their Ferrari 430 followed by a closely fought battle with Felbermayer Proton in 2009 which saw the Porsche edge out the boys in yellow.

Then came a tough developmental year in 2010 with the Aston Martin Vantage GT2 that saw the team finally squeeze the most competitive form out of the Vantage package then seen with pole position at Silverstone and a convincing run at the head of the field too.

By then though Team owner Jim McWhirter had already decided to return to the Ferrari fold and a brand new (and still very bright yellow) Ferrari 458 GT joined the team in time for the 2011 season - There were race wins but no title that year but the shortened season in 2012 saw the team take the title once again, three out of five isn't bad!

2013 should see the JMW Ferrari back for more in the newly relaunched European Le Mans Series, and at Le Mans.

Dunlop stay on board so there's development rubber on tap as the boys in yellow once again take on the Michelin hordes.  That though has proven to be a real advantage in recent years and team manager Tim Sugden was upbeat when the DSC Ed spoke to him yesterday:

"We know we have a very strong package and we know the team are more than capable of taking race wins and getting a run at the title again.

"We have a plan, and we have names in the frame for most of the available seats but, of course, we are always looking for an opportunity to bring new talent into the family, and, potentially, introduce new sponsors to the effort too.

"We'll be taking on the best of the best in the GTE pro class but we've upset the applecart more than once.  The car is strong and we're determined to make it four out of six, and to surprise a few of the factory teams at Le Mans."

If you're interested in seeing whether you have what it takes to help JMW to do just that drop Tim a line