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BMW Sports Trophy Team Brazil Launched

100% Brazilian Team For FIA GT Series

BMW Sports Trophy Team Brazil today launched their full season effort in the new for 2013 FIA GT Series with a pair of all Brazilian driver squads.

The team’s #0 BMW Z4 GT3 will be raced by five-time Stock Car champion Cacá Bueno and fellow Brazilian touring car racer Allam Khodair.

The #5 BMW will see former F1 driver and 1998 FIA GT Champion, Ricardo Zonta paired with Sergio Jimenez, a kart racing multi-champion with victories in several national and international categories.

The team will be managed by Brazilian national motorsport legend Washington Bezerra, himself a seven-time champion of Brazilian Stock Cars and the BMWs will be prepared by Antonio Hermann’s AH Competições – Hermann will also act as Team Principal.  The team will be sponsored by BMG Bank and BMW Brazil.

The team will maintain its head office in São Paulo but will have another branch in Barcelona, Spain.

Antonio Hermann:

"Our team is motivated, above all, by the love for motorsport and by the pleasure of racing at a high technical, professional and ethical level. That’s why my partner, Washington Bezerra, and I have decided to go to Europe, where the motorsport is practiced at the parameters we want to race. For the first time, a 100% Brazilian team will be part of the competition and we are very excited and optimistic", he said.

"We selected our drivers after careful analysis, taking into account several aspects, especially individual characteristics, so that their driving styles, body types, etc., match and complement each other. And, no doubt, we’ve joined two doubles that will be among the strongest ones on the grid"

Washington Bezerra:

"It’s a dream come true. We were already thinking about competing in races abroad, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans or Spa. I’ve been in the motorsports since the Brazilian Thousand Miles of 1958. In November, I’ll celebrate my 55th anniversary in the business. In 1979, I participated in the creation of the Stock Car along with Affonso Giaffone, I won seven titles in the category and three others in the Brazilian GT. We have always been champions in the categories we competed, and we owe it to our whole team. It is a very cohesive team and, therefore, we are taking everyone to continue the work now in Europe. It’ll be a season of learning, where we will face some difficulties, but, who knows, we might as well fight for the title".

Cacá Bueno:

"There is no doubt that the biggest challenges will be the different racetracks, that we’ve never raced before and with very few practices. I think these are going to be the greatest difficulties for the whole team: adaptation, the weather, unfamiliar drivers whose behaviors on the tracks are unknown to us But, from experience, I believe we have enough talent to win"

"Of course we're working to win the title in the very first season, but it would sound crazy to say that we are the front-runners. There are many good people in the category, there are several competent teams with very good drivers - as Tomas Enge, Sebastian Loeb himself, who is a nine-time rally world champion. So, we have to think of it more as a long-term project."

Allam Khodair:

"At first, we didn’t know it would be this double. It’s a challenge and a great opportunity. We are professionals and the idea is to pair up and not to race against one another. I thought it was very nice of him to choose me to be his partner at this moment of my career. I'll certainly learn from him and we’re going to exchange a lot of information. I'm very excited. I think this project will really be remembered in history."

"It's going to be a big responsibility to represent our country. In Brazil, we represent the team, the sponsor, then, in Europe, this will be even bigger. It is very rewarding to be part of a project where I believe they are choosing the best drivers to be in this team."

Sergio Jimenez:

"I've already raced in the FIA GT1 in some other opportunities, including when the category came to Brazil, and also some races in Argentina and China. It’s a very professional category, very competitive and it will be very good to be part of the championship with these drivers and a very professional team.

"It’ll be a difficult year as the other drivers already know the tracks, had their teams formed before ours and have been racing there for years. We’ll have a lot of work to do, but we are ready for the challenge."

Ricardo Zonta:

"I’m very happy to return to a championship that I've already won and I’m also excited to participate in an innovative project where a 100% Brazilian team competes in a European Championship"