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Fisken In Shock “Scottish” Revelation

Unveils  ‘Art Car’ Livery For 2013 British GT Championship

Gregor Fisken stunned the racing world this morning with the shock revelation that he is actually Scottish!

Not only that but in a stunning declaration of his Caledonian heritage the now confirmed non English person will take to the grid for the season-opening British GT Championship event at Oulton Park this Easter Weekend (1 April) with his colours firmly nailed to the mast thanks to a striking Fiskens 'art car' livery inspired by his family's Frazer Red tartan.

For many years Gregor has been seen at social functions wearing a garment other than trousers but DSC had, until this morning, dismissed this as an alternative lifestyle choice.

Gregor will race this season once again in a Trackspeed Porsche 997 GT3-R alongside Richard Westbrook.

Gregor Fisken:

"It's great to finally take the covers off our new livery and to have the chance to earn a place among the great Porsche art cars. It's a lot of fun to do something different while also paying tribute to Fiskens’ Scottish heritage and our company colours. I've always been a fan of the art car concept, so when the idea came up to run one I was immediately on board. The result is very striking and should give my competitors a real scare when they see it looming in their mirrors!

"Ultimately I hope that the Fiskens car will not only distinguish itself on-track but also leave a lasting impression on spectators, as it’s the fans who can keep alive the memory of an iconic livery long after a car has run its final race."

An earlier suggestion that Westbrook should don a similarly liveried race suit for the season is apparently on hold until hell freezes over!

As for the freshly painted Fiskens Porsche, all that remains is for it to receive a suitable nickname to carry into battle. Suggestions both serious and tongue-in-cheek (the Tartan Terror has emerged as an early front-runner) will be very welcome as Gregor and Richard prepare for the season ahead.

DSC would like to suggest “Salmond Fisher” though unlike the Independence referendum this effort is anything but doomed to failure!

Pictures copyright to and courtesy of Tim Scott Fluid Images