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Images From Snetterton Testing

Following the news that JRM Racing would be entering two Nissan GT-R GT3s at Oulton Park this weekend, Richard Leach headed over to a sunny but bitterly cold Snetterton yesterday afternoon to watch the test session that would see drivers Mark Cole and Jody Fannin get their first experience of the cars.

Jody Fannin

As it turned out, MTECH were also present with one of their two Ferrari 458 Italia GT3s, giving Derek Johnston more experience of the car ahead of his BGT debut (we're unsure of the identity of the second driver at Snetterton, although it may have been Duncan Cameron)...

Derek Johnston

...while JRM were also taking the opportunity to test the GT-Rs on the Pirellis that will be mandatory for the Blancpain Endurance Series and had several of their BES drivers on hand also.

Steven Kane

Charles Bateman