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World Challenge, St. Pete - Weekend Gallery
Photography by Martin Spetz

Johnny O's Caddy
Jim Taggart's Lotus Exige
Ryan Dalziel Looks Up The Inside Of Lou Gigliotti's Camaro

Ric Bushey's Nissan 370Z
Tomy Drissi's V8 Powered Billboard
Alex Welch's GMG Audi R8 LMS

Mark Klenin's BMW M3
Tim Bell's Mighty GTR
Ernie Francis's Camaro

Dane Moxlow's Boss Mustang
Mike Skeen's Drifting Style!
Alex Udell's Boss 'Stang

Buz McCall - Ouch
Back On Track - But Not For Long
Cayman Bitten

Wheel Wagging Sofronas
Kia Kinfolk
Say Cheese!

Minding Their Backs
One For The Ladies!
Red means Danger!

Pappas Leads Ende

Ryan Dalziel
Brad Adams' Mustanbg
Pobst And Dalziel

Drag Race
Shiney Swan
Flaming Nissan

Welcome To The Series Tim
Black Swan AMG
Down Into Turn One

Winter Solstice
Caddy Shack

Black And White
Jack Baldwin's Cayman S
Flaming Swede

Optimal Illusion
Bret Curtis - Smokin'
Randy Pobst Does His Famous Churchill Impression