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Dunlop Le Mans

International GT Open, Hungaroring - Race 1


Gimmi Bruni took his second pole of the season in qualifying ahead of Race 1 in Budapest.

In perfect weather conditions, Bruni’s AF Corse 458 posted a time of 1.45.546, 2 tenths up on the ex GT1 Corvette of Giammaria.

The second row was populated by the Villois Aston of Barba and the Aabar Villorba Ferrari of Montermini, with the Kessel Ferrari of Peter and the Manthey Porsche of Holzer occupting the third row.

Six first cars representing four different makes and all within 8 tenths, the scene was set for a very close race.

In GTS, the Ferraris dominated, clinching the first five positions (pole was for Daniel Zampieri), ahead of the Autorlando Porsche and the debuting Maserati Granturismo MC3. 

Race 1

The “Wilhelmus”, the Dutch anthem, played for the first time in the GT Open, as the V8 Racing Corvette took its first overall victory in the series.

Raffaele Giammaria drove a great stint, with the black Vette rejoining in the lead after the driver change, and Miguel Ramos managed what looked impossible, maintaining the lead to the flag.

On a circuit known to be tricky to overtake on, the Portuguese resisted the assaults of the AF Corse Ferrari of Federico Leo after his co-driver Gimmi Bruni had domi.nated the first part of the race.

Nick Tandy and Marco Holzer took third with the Manthey Porsche, and thus  topped the overall standings, after passing the Villois Aston of Malucelli-Barba, which also lost fourth to Lopez-Montermini (Aabar Villorba Ferrari) at the very end.

In GTS, the AF Corse Ferrari of Stefano Bizzarri-Andrea Rizzoli took its third win of the year (and retook the points lead in the category) ahead of the Autorlando Porsches of Hamilton-Mapelli and Puglisi-Beretta.
The start of the race was very lively between Bruni, Giammaria and Barba who almost collided, but the pole-setting AF Corse Ferrari kept the advantage over the Corvette and the Aston, followed by Montermini, Peter, Holzer and Zampieri (who led in GTS ahead of Bontempelli).

Behind, there was a big fight between the young Cesar Ramos (Kessel Ferrari) and Pilet (IMSA Porsche) for 12th.
Bruni couldn’t though really pull away with just a 2-second gap over Giammaria, with a similar gap over Barba, who was under threat from Montermini.

Behind that group the new Maserati GT3 passed Hamilton for sixth in GTS and started a close duel with César Ramos.

Bontempelli meanwhile got a drive-through for track limits infringements, but failed to respect the flag and got a black flag for his trouble.

On lap 20, Barba and Montermini stopped for the driver change both had the same 15 second handicap and there was no change in position between that pair at least when Malucelli and Lopez rejoined.

The Aston passed Tandy though.

After all the stops, Ramos led by 10 seconds over Leo, 11 over Broniszewski and 15 over the Malucelli-Lopez duo.

Rizzoli was first in GTS, ahead of Dalle Stelle, Mantovani, Mapelli and Gardel.

On lap 27, Malucelli passed Broniszewski for third; the Pole seeing Tandy and Lopez pass just one lap later.

At the front, Leo was by now on the tail of Ramos, but whilst he fruitlessly attacked, Malucelli, Tandy and Lopez were closing in.
A collision at the tail of the field between Calari and Dalle Stelle almost went unnoticed as the lead battle hotted up with Leo mounting a last, fruitless assault on Ramos, while having also to defend from Malucelli, there was slight contact and the Aston was caught and passed by both Tandy and Lopez on the very last lap, with again slight contact between the Aston and the Porsche.

In GTS, Rizzoli took the win ahead of the two Autorlando Porsches of Mapelli and Beretta, both getting back to the front of the class battle by the end of the race.

Race Result - here

Race 2 - Qualifying

The Villois Racing Aston Martin started from the pole in Race 2 in Budapest, the 100th of the International GT Open.

The Italian posted a time of 1.46.345 in Qualifying 2, beating by a mere one tenth Emanuele Moncini, in the sister V8 Racing Corvette to Race one’s winner.
There is great expectation after yesterday’s exciting race on an Hungaroring blessed with gorgeous weather. The Ferraris of Leo (AF) and Lopez (Villorba) will start from row 2 ahead of the Porsche of Tandy and the surprising Schubert Motorsport BMW Z4 of young Swede Daniel Roos, who signed a great pole in GTS in the first appearance of the outfit.

Race 2

Matteo Malucelli and Alvaro Barba, with the Aston Martin of Villois Racing, won the 100th Race of the International GT Open after another lively show in sunny Hungaroring.

It was the third win of the season for Villois and that saw the Italian and Spaniard retake the lead in the overall standings after leading from flag to flag.

There was though a strong final attack from the Aabbar Villorba Ferrari of Andrea Montermini-Cochito Lopez.

Third was the V8 Racing Corvette of Emanuele Moncini-Diederik Sijthoff, before the other two title contenders, Leo-Bruni (AF Corse Ferrari) and Tandy-Holzer (Manthey Porsche) came home.

In GTS, Lorenzo Bontempelli  was a lone and happy winner, giving its maiden win to the Ombra Racing’s Ferrari 458 GT3, while Zampieri-Dalle Stelle in second, retook the points leadership in the category. The other Kessel car of Gattuso-Zanuttini completed the podium.

At the start, there was a big battle between Malucelli, Leo and Moncini, but the Aston kept the advantage, while the Corvette ran wide on lap 2, letting  Tandy and Lopez by.

Ramos then spun on lap 4 in the middle of the group, but without damage.

So after 5 laps, Malucelli led from Leo, Tandy, Lopez, Moncini and the three GTS leading cars of Mapelli, Gattuso and Bontempelli.

There was a big fight too in the second GTS group between Rizzoli, Roos and Dalle Stelle, with the Swede taking the advantage on lap 7 and the three also catching Pilet and Broniszewski for a five car fight.

Mapelli and Gattuso collided on lap 13, with Bontempelli taking the lead in GTS as the driver changes started at the front of the race. With no handicap, the Villois Aston kept the advantage over the Villorba Ferrari, with a mere 1.5 gap between Barba and Montermini.

After this battle came Sijffert (16” behind), Holzer (21”), then Peter (who got a 20” penalty for not having respected the handicap time) and Bruni, while Talkanitsa and Pilet collided (lap 20).

In GTS, Bontempelli led Zanuttini and Stugemo.  Bizzarri and César Ramos got a drive-through for speeding in the pit-lane.

The final laps saw a fight for the win between Malucelli and Montermini (with a contact on lap 24) while Holzer caught Sijthoff and threatened to take fourth, Overtaking though looked tough, not for Bruni though who was carving through the field and managed to grab fourth from Holzer on the closing lap.

In GTS, Zampieri took second behind Bontempelli after passing Zanuttini.

Race Result - here