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ILMC Zhuhai
November 11/13 2011

Postcard From Zhuhai - Part 2 - Calendars, Handbags And Shaun The Sheep

Postcard From Zhuhai - Part 1 - Vive La Difference

Gallery 2 - Photography By David Lord

Gallery 1 - Photography by David Lord

Weekend Gallery - Photography by Andrew 'Skippy' Hall

Weekend Gallery - Photography by Doris

ILMC Round Up And Final Points Standings

Provisional Result - Peugeot 1-2

Hour 6 - Peugeot Wins Final ILMC Round

Hour 5 - Bourdais Increases Lead - LMP1 Petrol Fight On

Hour 4 - Audi #2 Retires As Peugeot Dominates

Hour 3 - Pendulum Points To Peugeot

Hour 2 - Different Strategy For Peugeot Puts Bourdais In The Lead

Hour 1 - Audi Take Control - Very Close In Four classes

Pre-Race And Starting Drivers

Sunday Morning Warm-Up - Sunny, Hazy, Busy

Saturday Notes From The Paddock - Oak Plans - Ullrich On Calendar Clashes - Peugeot Cool On Bahrain

GT Qualifying - BMW and CRS On GTE Poles - But GTC Audis Spring Surprise

LMP Qualifying - Davidson On Pole Again For Peugeot

Qualifying Times - Peugeot Take Pole

Saturday Free Practice Three Report - Peugeot 1,2 Again - Ferrari 1,2 in GTE

Saturday Free Practice Three Times - Still Peugeot

Saturday Morning - Good Day Sunshine

Mika Hakkinen On The Future - Never Say Never

Friday Free Practice Two Report - Peugeot 1,2 Again - BMW 1,2 in GTE

Friday Free Practice Two Times - No Change At The Top

Friday Notes From The Paddock - LMP2 And GTE Musings

Friday Free Practice One Report - Peugeot 1,2

Friday Free Practice One Times - Peugeot Quickest

Test Times - A Damp Start

Race Preview - Part 2 - The GTs

Race Preview - Part 1 - The LMPs

Schedule And TV/RLM Times

Entry - 29 For The Final Race