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Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hours - Setting The Scene
Photography by John Hindhaugh

This Is Where We Are
And This Is Why It's called That!
Shades Of Brad Jones From '97 and '98

And if You Lose It Here You'll End Up Over There!
And Now A Word From Our Sponsors
Audi Freight Train Has Its Very Own Road Train

Arranging The Photocall
Chequered Career
You Wait All Year For Erebus and 2 Come Along At Once!

Will Purple Reign?
Lambo LP 560
Aston Martin One-77

The Latest Race Engine?
Nope It's A Kick Ass Coffee Maker!
Meaty Mosler

In Case You Forgot Where We Are
Where 908 Can Only Mean It's Eight Minutes Past Nine!
Eddy's Hot Rod

United's Stand
Rob Huff's Stuff For The Weekend
Two Of NZ Squad Motorsport Services' Six Car Entry

And Here Are The Rest Of Them!
Doing Doughnuts In A GTR Has Never Been Easier!
A Very Welcome Late Entry!

The Reiter Stuff
Camo 458
Neat Looking Cup Porsche

Darryl O' Young Is On The Team Here
Tribute To A Great - Brockie's 1992 Weapon!
What's Australian For "Yee Hah!"