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FFSA GT, Magny Cours - Race Reports
First Win For Panis On An All-Corvette Weekend

On Saturday, the race was mainly a fight between Dayrault/Mérafina and Ayari/Hernandez, both at the wheel of Corvette C6.Rs.

During the first half, Dayrault led Hernandez, building a 6 seconds advantage when the pit-stops windows opened. Dayrault kept the lead, but Ayari was really much closer, applying the pressure. Thanks to a slower car, Ayari found a way to overtake on the 26th lap.

Dayrault now put the pressure on Ayari. The fight lasted five laps, until Dayrault made a mistake and couldn't stay close to Ayari. He closed back up on the last lap, especially in the last chicane, but without being able to overtake.

But after the podium, Ayari and Hernandez received a 25s penalty because of the hot contact between Hernandez and Debard in the first half of the race. The two doors of the C6.Rs touched each other several times in the straight after Adelaïde corner. So Ayari/Hernandez slid to 2nd place and Dayrault/Mérafina took their first win.

Despite 80 kg of weight handicap, Bornhauser and Groppi finishrd 3rd, taking good points for the championship.

On Sunday, Panis, Ayari and Dayrault all wanted to enter the Estoril curve first, but three into one wouldn't go and Dayrault went across the gravel, but without losing the control of the car.

Ayari, meanwhile, braked heavily, making a lot of smoke, and Panis took the lead. He produced an impressive drive, making already a big gap after only one lap. After that, he and Debard led all the race, without anyone being able to follow them.

A hot battle developed between Cazenave and Groppi, which led to the Saleen having its rear bodywork damaged; for which Cazenave received a drive-through.

Bornhauser wasn't able to take the wheel, after Groppi went into the gravel just before its scheduled pit-stop.

With one podium at each race for Ayari/Hernandez, when Groppi/Bornhauser only have one podium and one retirement, the two took the lead of the championship.

1. Ayari-Hernandez, 134 ps – 2. Cazenave-Police, 118 – 3. Groppi-Bornhauser, Debard, 106 – 5. Dayrault-Mérafina, 90 – 6. Panis, 68…

In GT3, Audi, Oreca, Lebon & Ortelli took their first win in FFSA GT3 with the R8 LMS. Jakubowski led until the pit-stops, then gave the lead to his teamate Campbell. Lebon was fourth during the first half of the race; after which, Ortelli climbed step by step, taking the lead at the 21st lap, to keep it until the end.

On sunday, as for the other sundays at Nogaro and Dijon, the winner was the Gaillard/Parisy's Lamborghini Gallardo. But they lost the lead at the championship to Thevenin/Peyroles, who finished third in each race.

Results - race one, race two.

David Legangneux