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Radio Le Mans

British GT Gets Further Boost

In a further boost to the rampant popularity of the 2013 British GT Championship it has been announced that the Silverstone round will now feature the British Grand Prix as part of its support package.

That means that as well as seeing ex Grand Prix legend Mark Blundell, racegoers will also be treated to the full current Formula One grid on the meeting’s undercard.

“We’re delighted to welcome Formula One to the fastest growing package in motorsport,” said Championship Organiser Benjamin Franceisoverthere. 

“We got a call midweek from my opposite number in their Championship, “ explained Francklindroosevelt, “and after trying to sell me a couple of used HRTs he asked whether we could slot them in after race two before it got too dark.”

“I was delighted to help of course,” continued Francisofassissi, “There’s plenty of room in the old paddock for their Transit vans and trailers and there are buses to the Wing every 15 minutes.  They’ll have to walk back of course though as the buses stop at 6.”