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Boeing to Race At Le Mans

With New 787 Dreamliner GTE

2014 is set to see a new big name addition to the GTE grid in the FIA WEC and Le Mans 24 Hours as Boeing tonight confirmed that they will enter a factory team with their 787 Dreamliner now accepted for competition.

“We’ve dealt with the battery issues that we had with the development aircraft, sorry I mean car,” said Boeing Spokesman Weir Skrude, "but whilst all the fuss blows over we wanted to find something useful to do with the 787s we had in stock.

“The 787 GTE is truly a new concept in endurance racing – we can carry enough fuel for a full 14 hour stint, All three drivers will stay on board at all times and the tyres should be OK for that length of time too.  The engines were a bit of an issue as we have two of them and they are a bit larger than normal but we explained that SRT had got a similar waiver for the Viper and we’re good to go.”

There were other issues too that seem now to have been dealt with “Our rear wing was a little oversize but it was the massive ones in the middle that really caused a fuss.  Apparently we won’t fit in the pitlane and the figures showed too that nobody can pass us on the straight.  Either way if anyone tries drafting us on the Mulsanne the jetwash blows them into the woods.  Peter Dumbreck was particularly clear on that point”

Deals are expected to be announced soon that will see the two car team branded in Gulf (Air) colours and the Pratt and Whitney turbofans badged as Lotus engines.