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Radio Le Mans

Nissan announce Aussie V8s Drive for Prolific Tweeters


Nissan’s Global Motorsport Boss Darren Cox announced late last night that the blue riband Bathurst 1000 will feature an additional Nissan Altima entry crewed solely by prolific Tweeters.


“After the massive success of the Nissan GT Academy we were looking for an opportunity to take the concept a step further and after a particularly good evening last Saturday night I think the team has cracked it!


"We're asking Tweeters to respond to the call with hashtag #nissanareawesome


“The very best Tweeters have lightning reflexes, massive self control and the stamina of a bull elephant so 1000 miles around Mount Panorama should be a cakewalk.”


The lucky winners will, of course be live Tweeting during their stints, though its thought that may only be possible on the Conrod Straight.


Nissan have also stolen a publicity march on the Mountain by securing spaces to park several dozen roadgoing Altimas amongst the famously open-minded racegoers. 

“We know they’ll set them on fire as they aren’t either a Ford of a Holden,” said Cox, “But when they do they’ll form a massive burning Nissan logo that will be visible from space.”