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Radio Le Mans

Nurburgring Sale Confirmed


In a shock move a new buyer has confirmed that the entire Nurburgring complex, including the Grand Prix circuit and the famous Nordschleife have been sold and saved.


“I’m delighted to say that the future is secure, “confirmed the new owner a Mr B L Zibub.


“I met with the owners earlier today and explained that my terms were very simple.  I wished to buy all the circuits assets in perpetuity in return for their souls, and those of their children.


“I was surprised that they were so eager to accept at first but they seemed to understand the terms completely, the contracts have been signed and I can take over immediately.”


DSC tried to get a welcoming comment from the outgoing proprietors but they were in a meeting to discuss a new investment opportunity for an explosives testing facility at Mallory Park that was expected to take some time.