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ILMC/American Le Mans Series, Twelve Hours of Sebring
March 16-19

Raceday Gallery 2 - David Lord

Raceday Gallery 1 - David Lord

Raceday Gallery - John Machaqueiro

Weekend Gallery - Photography by Doris

Race Gallery - Photography by Lyndon Fox

GTE Class Round Up - What You May Have Missed From TV!

The Heat Is On - Paul Truswell Crunches the Sebring Data

Race Result - A Famous Win For ORECA

Wrap-Up - Rounding Up A Classic Sebring

Final Hour - Oreca Win - Highcroft Oh So Close

Late Race Quotes From Pit Lane

Hours 10-11 - Closing In

Positions After Eight Hours - Still Three On The Lead Lap

Race Quotes From Pit Lane

Positions After Six Hours - Peugeot From Highcroft At The Halfway Point

Hours 7-9 - P2 Falls Apart, While Battles Continue in the Other Classes

Early Quotes Direct From Pit Lane

Positions After Three Hours - Peugeot #7 Back Ahead

Hours 4-6 - Peugeot And Audi Clash

Positions After Two Hours - Peugeot 1, 2, 3

Hours 2-3 - Lead Changes Overall - JVO Innocent Victim in Hard Crash

Hour One Positions

Hour One - Peugeot Dominant - Rockenfeller Delayed

On The Grid

Starting Drivers

Warm Up Report

Warm Up Times

Race Day!

Qualifying Quotes

LMPC Qualifying

LMP Qualifying

GTC Qualifying

GT Qualifying

Qualifying Times

P&Q Gallery - Martin Spetz

Practice Gallery - Andrew Hall

Practice Gallery - David Lord

Friday Morning Report

Practice 3 Times

Practice Gallery - Martin Spetz

Thursday Evening Report

Thursday Afternoon Report

Practice 2 Times

Thursday Morning Report

Practice 1 Times

Info Page (Entry, Schedule, Timing, etc.)