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North American Diary

With Gary Horrocks

Catch-up Time…

An IMSA Competition Bulletin came out last week, indicating further commonality of regulations between the ALMS and the Grand Am.  Effective at the next race, Long Beach, once a race ends, the finishing order is kept in official records.  If penalties or infractions are found, points will be adjusted accordingly, but the finish results for the podium will stand.  

This is pretty much the same philosophy that Grand Am and NASCAR have had for a while.  The full text is seen below:

In order to retain the podium finishing order of the cars as televised and experienced by the spectators of an Event, the finishing order of such cars that are subject to imposition of a post-Race penalty shall remain as the cars crossed the Finish Line. The finishing order of cars in fourth place or lower shall be adjusted as required to implement any penalty imposed and the points and awards adjusted accordingly.  

6.21.3  Cars receiving a penalty applied post-race that would impact the finishing position order shall result in all other cars elevated in the finishing order and the points and awards order.  Cars finishing in the top three positions in class (or overall, if an Event is so scored), shall retain their Race finishing position in the published results order regardless of penalty applied.  Example: A class-winning car penalized one lap post- race for an on-track incident shall have their points and awards adjusted commensurately and all other competitors advanced as applicable in the awards but shall remain listed as the first place finisher.   

Also:  6.22 TIES In case of a tie in the final point standings, the tie shall be resolved according to the Driver’s record of first place points finishes, and then if necessary, the number of second place points finishes, and so on down to the last points award position for the Series. If a tie still remains, the tie shall be broken by the first to achieve the highest points finishing position in that season for that Series.

Magnus Strikes Again…

Find their latest series of releases on  Yes, the latest came out on 1 April, but it perfectly sums up the feelings of those that were at the Reveal…  Well done gentlemen.


Pretty quiet lately, but word has come out from an established team that they were contacted by parties interested in the rumored P1 anchored series. 

Unfortunately that is pretty much the extent of the news thus far – most enquiries are either met with silence or adamant denials.  But, where there is smoke…

Something Brewing?

Interesting news about where George Howard-Chappell has landed – see the excellent Michael Cotton interview with the ex-Prodrive and Aston Martin Racing Technical Director.

It’s pure speculation here, but could this be a signal that Ford may be taking road racing seriously?  Would a Multimatic/Lola/GH-C combination be able to coax Ford back? 

Would the new Mustang, due to be out in about a year – complete with new slippery bodywork, changed up powerplants and most importantly, a modern independent rear suspension, be able to compete in the current GT race categories, whether GTE or GT3?