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Oreca’s Arrive & Drive LMPC Programme Gets Going

We announced here several weeks ago that ORECA would be supporting the relaunched ELMS with an ‘Arrive & Drive’ concept for the well proven LMPC Oreca FLM 09.

The recent announcement of the full season entry list for the Series saw three cars entered by Team Endurance Challenge, this in the wake of a successful ‘taster’ test session a couple of weeks ago at Paul Ricard.

No fewer than 25 prospective drivers took to the track, all benefiting from the wisdom of Programme Mentor Nicolas Minassian:

“These were very positive tests, the cars are directly run by ORECA so I wasn’t surprised by the excellent level of preparation. Several drivers were present and I must say that I was impressed by the overall level, both from the younger drivers coming from single-seaters and also from gentlemen drivers who were discovering this type of car.

“Everyone got out of the driver’s seat with a large smile on their faces, and to me that’s an important point. I took time to follow each driver, so that I could determine their progress. They were all attentive and to see them improve lap after lap was a real satisfaction. I very much enjoyed the experience and I’m certain this will be the case during the rest of the season where I will be following Team Endurance Challenge attentively.”

The programme is designed to attract new blood to endurance racing with an all-inclusive package .  The new Team Endurance Challenge is made up entirely of ORECA team members.

Amongst the 25 drivers to tsake up the opportunity to sample the FLM 09 was Margot Laffite, a regular competitor in the Mégane Trophy, TV commentator and daughter of F1 legend Jacques Lafitte – Margot was taking her first opportunity to sample an LMP car:

“What a sensation! This car, it’s the purest form of driving that I’ve ever felt.

“Honestly, I didn’t think that prototypes were right for me. And thenthis was just perfect! It’s both extraordinary in terms of sensations, but also completely accessible. Until recently, I never thought this possible. It’s a fantastic school with a car that’s easy to come to grips with. What’s most impressive to me is the downforce. You can brake late and accelerate early….I only have one desire : get back behind the wheel ! I think this is a very good program because it’s good for both young drivers and gentlemen drivers.”
Team Endurance Challenge will announce its first drivers in the coming days.

For more information, contact Alexandre Gibot : +33 (0) 494 885 736 -