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Stark By Hepworth Looking To Race In 2013
As Stinton Sits The Season Out

Ian Stinton has been a familiar face in the British GT paddock for about a decade, supporting the series through some of its darkest days as well as during its recent revival; but as the championship embarks on what is looking like being its best season yet, the driver/owner will be absent from the scene, although he hopes his car will be taking part.

“British GT will be fantastic this year, and I’m a bit gutted not to be taking part,” he began, “but I’ll be very busy with my [software development] business as we begin a new initiative, and I’ll also be getting married to the lovely Lauren in July, so the racing will have to take a back seat in 2013.”

Stinton has famously only raced British marques so far in his 15 years on track and has been a major supporter of Ginetta recently, being the first customer of the G55 GT3. 2012 saw his team, Stark by Hepworth, upgrade to the latest spec G55, but had a difficult year; “It was basically the development car, so we had much to discover about it during the season. But while it was frustrating at times, we’re confident that we now have a good handle on the lifing of parts – which was the major problem last year – and now know when to replace them before they fail.

“One of the benefits of racing a Ginetta is that the factory brings a spares truck to the circuit, so you don’t have to invest in a spares package – and that can get rather expensive with other marques which don’t service their customers at the races.”

But while Stinton himself will be absent, he is hoping his car will be taking part in the BGT this year. “Hepworth International are still my partners in the team and we are looking for funded drivers to race the car this year. It will be running in 2012-spec, but will be a much more reliable proposition in 2013 like I say. Ours will be one of the best value packages available, and I believe that the right driver pairing could produce a winning combination – the G55 proved last year that it has the speed to compete at the front. We have a highly experienced team and the car is easy to drive.”

“We can offer drivers a low-cost way to do British GT, with budgets starting from £150K for a driver pairing,” added Stephen Hepworth of Hepworth International. 

Interested parties can get further information via email - - or via phone, on +44 (0)1484 711 045. The team is also able to entertain enquiries from parties looking to rent or buy the car.

But we haven’t seen the last of Ian Stinton behind the wheel; “I very much hope to be back in British GT fulltime in 2014. Le Mans is still top of my to-do list, although that’s probably five years away, and I might yet be able to squeeze in a couple of races this year. I’m looking at the possibility of running one of my Harriers in the Britcar 1000kms at Silverstone in September and also hope to be out in the Silverstone Classic; but I might yet turn up in British GT this season if the temptation to rent a seat for a one-off outing proves too great to resist.”