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AsLMS Trimmed

Substantial changes have been made to the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series as full season entries have so far fallen short of th levels hoped for pre-season.

No provisional entry list has yet been announced but DSC believes it may not yet have reached double figures.

The AsLMS have therefore released plans to trim back the Series from the planned seven race meetings to just four in 2013, thereby reducing costs and hopefully encouraging other entries out of the woodwork.

The opening round of the Series is now to be 4 August at the new Inje Autopia complex in South Korea.  That means that the first three rounds of the previously released calendar are cancelled, Ordos and Shanghai disappear from the calendar altogether and the race at Zhuhai, latterly planned for May will now be moved to mid October.
This change in the timetable means that the season will start a full three months later than planned
The revised schedule will be:

· 4th August 2013: Inje Autopia, Korea
· 22nd September 2013: Fuji Speedway, Japan
· 13th October 2013: Zhuhai International Circuit, China
· 8th December 2013: Sentul International Circuit, Indonesia

The ACO is also to undertake a complete review of the sporting and technical regulations with the “clear objective of streamlining costs for teams even further.”

Accordingly the previously planned test days have been postponed, and an announcement on date and location of the new test days will be “forthcoming shortly”.

The organisers have also made the decision in 2013 to cancel the LM GTE category and race with just one GT category, which will be GTC running under a Balance of Performance controlled by the ACO.

As an added incentive for teams in the GTC category, the ACO has agreed to award automatic invitations to take part in the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours in the GTE category to the first two GTC cars in the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series. An additional invitation for the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours will be awarded to the winner of the LM P2 category. The team that wins in LM PC will be invited to take part in the test day for the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours.

In order to provide an opportunity for all the teams determined to participate in the Asian Le Mans Series with the measures taken, specifically with the significant reduction in participation costs, the deadline for entries has been extended to 20th June 2013.