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Nurburgring 24 Hours - Race Gallery 1
Photography by Dan Bathie

That's Gonna Cost You Mate
Clock Watching

Wets Were Needed!
Eye to Eye

Safety First
Busy Grid
David Richards and Co

Save The Ring
The Fans Keep Hydrated
Parade Lap

#19 BMW Didn't Last Long
Walkenhorst Z4

Tom Jones Tribute?
Battle For The Lead Early On

G-Drive R8
Manthey Couldn't Add To Their Victories
More Lights Than a Christmas Tree

Schubert Had A Tough Time
GT-R Finished Despite Engine Change
#4 Ran Strongly Early On But Eventually Became Unstuck

Black Falcon SLS
#36 Kremer Porsche
#1 Couldn't Retain Title

VDS Outpaced Schubert
Gazoo LFA
Flat Over Crest

Marc VDS Ended Weekend On a High
Through The Trees
Race Experience