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Dunlop Le Mans

VLN News - Round up

Plenty of intriguing stories

While we at DSC will have big VLN news in the coming weeks, here is a short news round up of the happenings in Europe’s most popular grass roots racing series. First of all there is Uwe Alzen announcing his intentions of fielding a BMW Z4 GT3 for all ten VLN races, with Philipp Wlazik to partner the BMW works driver. The combination of Uwe Alzen and the Z4 plus Dunlop tires proved many times to be a good one, just remember Uwe’s record setting qualifying lap in the Top 40 shootout of last years 24 Hours.

The other Alzen, Uwe’s brother Jürgen is also planning on fielding a car in the upcoming VLN season. He once again will share his Ford GT with Nürburgring-legend Artur Deutgen. As his brother Jürgen will also trust in the black gold coming from Dunlop. New aboard the team is Andzej Dzikevic, who in the past drove in the Porsche Super Cup and the German Carrera Cup.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 always proved to be a popular choice in the VLN, with multiple teams trusting in the gullwing racer since its debut two years ago. It even scored its first victory during its development stage in 2010. For the first time CarCollection, usually associated with Porsches, will be fielding a Mercedes – Benz SLS AMG GT3. Back with at least a pair of Merc’s will be Black Falcon, fresh of winning the Dubai 24 Hours the Meuspath based team has signed a partnership with Dunlop sending two Dunlop shod cars in the fight for the overall 24 Hours victory.

That’s it for the VLN news of the past few weeks, but be sure there are many more still to come both from the competitors and from us at dailysportscar.