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ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring
Schwager/ Ludwig Sweep But Ferrari And Lamborghini Take The Points

Dominik Schwager and Klaus Ludwig won both races of the ADAC GT Masters at the Nürburgring, but because their Corvette Z.06 GT3 was a guest starter they didn’t receive any championship points; the ten points instead going to the second placed cars.

In the first race, the Kessel Racing Ferrari #23 of Plamen Kralev and Nikki Cadei took second place and the full points, while in the second race Harald Becker and Frank Kechele finished second in the #4 Argo Racing Gallardo. Third place in the two races was occupied by the MM Racing Corvette #31 and the Argo Racing Lamborghini #3, respectively.

Co-championship leader Tim Bergmeister received a big blow in the first race, when his partner Frank Stippler had a crash in the first corner of the first lap and had to retire. But the other first-placed drivers Albert von Thurn und Taxis (aka Prince Albert II, the 12th Prince of Thurn und Taxis) and Christopher Haase also didn’t have an incident-free race and had to settle for an eighth place finish. But this still meant that they were leading the championship after the first race of the weekend.

In the second race, Tim Bergmeister got redemption for the poor race-one finish when the Lamborghini of von Thurn und Taxis/ Haase had an accident on the first lap and had to retire. Together with his co-driver, Frank Stippler, Bergmeister finished fourth and retook the championship lead.

The Ford GT, which was a championship hopeful in the beginning of the season didn’t see the chequered flag in either of the two races; in the first race suffering a brake problem and, in the second race, a broken throttle cable.
In the championship Tim Bergmeister now leads with 52 points, with von T&T/Haase second on 49 points. Third is taken by Frank Kechele/ Harald Becker with 40. The championship is likely to be decided between these five drivers, as the fourth place duo is already 19 points behind the leader.

Four races remain in the ADAC GT Master, with the penultimate meeting taking place from September 5th – 7th at the Eurospeedway Lausitz.

Sören Herweg