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Conquest Racing For LMPC Or GTC

In 2013 ALMS

Conquest Racing have announced that the team will not be contesting the 2013 IZOD Indycar Series but will instead focus solely on its sportscar program for the coming season.

After scoring two victories and three pole positions in 2012 in the P2 category, the team’s Morgan Nissan has been returned to its Onroak Automotive owners with  2013 options in the PC and GTC categories now being examined.
Eric Bachelart - Team Principal

“We made this decision this week, after considering many scenarios we decided that the time for putting together a competitive program in IndyCar was running out and it was better to step back as opposed to creating a last minute program that didn’t live up to our standards.
“The good news is that this decision allows us to focus purely on our sportscar program, which we debuted very successfully last year.  Fighting for the P2 championship with no previous endurance experience was a very positive experience for us, and we proved what we can do as a team.  We are currently evaluating different programs for ALMS, in the P2, PC and GTC categories, where we know that once again we can build a championship winning effort and fight for wins with the rest of the teams out there.
“We are also very excited about the unified series in 2014 as it is opening a lot of exciting possibilities for us which we will work on throughout this year.”