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Motorport Professional Required

Once in a while a motorsport programme really captures the imagination.

The recent move from several angles within the UK Armed Forces to rehabilitate, retrain and remotivate some of our injured serving and ex-servicemen and women deserves as much support as we can all possibly offer.  To involve the effort with the motorsport and automotive industries is an inspired, and inspiring move forwards.

Here though is the chance for one individual to actually be a part of it.

Mission Motorsport are looking for the following:

A Team Chief,
Workshop Manager,
Trainer, Mentor,
And Professional Motorsport Person.

That’s the good news – the bad news is that they need all of that done by one individual.

The key responsibilities of the role will be to drive the fulfillment of a new contract for a major manufacturer involving the delivery of multiple race cars to a highly professional standard.

The successful candidate will also be the Chef du Camp for any motorsport programmes undertaken by the team.

The post is to be created in April 2013.

For further details and/ or to send in a cv please contact Mission Motorsport’s Director James Cameron (no not that one!) at

Take a look at to find out more.