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Saturday Morning Picture Show

By popular demand DSC's review of what's best on the web is back!

We have 12 pieces of video on offer this morning, starting with one of the finest pieces of in-car video this writer has seen in many a year - Watch as Lance David Arnold in the Heico Mercedes SLS does battle in last year's Nurburgring 24 Hours - Traffic, VERY fast driving, pinpoint accuracy, and a sizeable shunt all feature in ten minutes of action here.

Also lapping quickly, and as it turned out too quickly was Allan Simonsen at bathurst last weekend, here's the lap that cost Simmo and his Maranello Motorsport crew pole position as the Dane punched through the 2:06 bracket time in his camoulflage liveried Ferrari 458.

Midweek saw the launch of the new, GT3 based, BMW Z4 GTE, bound for the 2013 ALMS - Here's a nicely shot launch video for the latest additon to the grid.

The Magnus Racing PR guys have made a name for themselves, and their clients, with a humourous touch to their team comms.

Here are two of their films, the first, and with no apologies for lateness - is their Rolex 24 Preview.

The second, showing that the class clowns can do art too is a timelapse of the race itself - Excellent stuff boys!

The theme for the remainder of the films is The 1990s

First up is a Season review of the 1995  IMSA WSC/GTS-1/GTS-2 Series - Ferrari 333SPs, Firebreathing V8s - Lovely stuff.

Staying in The USA theres a 90 minute summary of the very first Petit Le Mans in 1998.

And then we move over to Europe, and back to 1995 for a review of the FIA GT Championship race at Donington Park in 1995.

And we stay in the UK for the remainder of the clips with a variety of mid-late 90s British GT action starting with the very first season of BRDC GT action in 1993 at Silverstone.

And watch how that grid evolves the following year with a full season review, followed by the 1995, and then 1998 races at Silverstone.