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GT Tour, Val de Vienne – Report
Porsches Rule At VdeV

Race 1


David Hallyday was quickest behind the wheel of the #32 Team Audi France Audi R8 LMS, ahead of Laurent Pasquali (#34  Pro GT by Alméras Porsche 997 GT3 R), Gérard Tonelli (#17 Graff Racing Mercedes SLS), Patrick Bornhauser (#7 Larbre Compétition Porsche 997 GT3 R) and Nicolas Tardif (#4 Saintéloc Audi R8 LMS).


Hallyday was the best starter and was ahead of Pasquali and Tonelli.

Rather surprisingly, Tonelli pitted as early as the end of the first lap - as did the sister car, the #3 Mercedes being driven by Eric Debard - for a quick refueling and for a matter of strategy. Both cars, at their restart, were a lap down, but had a clear track. Soon, they were lapping in the quickest times. At the front, Hallyday was a comfortable leader and controlled Pasquali, while Bornhauser was not very far behind him.

Larbre Compétition's pitstop was very quick and Laurent Groppi who had taken over from Bornhauser was soon in the lead, while Anthony Beltoise (Pasquali out) took the second place ahead of Stéphane Ortelli (Hallyday out).

Race 1 results - here 

Race 2


Anthony Beltoise had set the pole position with the #34 Porsche, ahead of Ludovic Badey (#20 Sofrev Ferrari 458), Laurent Groppi (#7 Porsche), Olivier Pla (#10 Sofrev Ferrari 458) and Renaud Derlot (#17 Mercedes).

Race report

Beltoise kept the lead while Groppi succeeded in passing Badey. Beltoise widened a small gap on his contenders. The positions did not change too much and, before the driver changes, Beltoise was ahead of Groppi, Derlot and Pla.

Olivier Panis (#3 Graff Racing Mercedes SLS) pitted first while Stéphane Ortelli and Laurent Groppi stayed on the track a bit longer than the others. After the driver changes, Pasquali (#34 Porsche) was in the lead, ahead of Tonelli (#17 Mercedes) and Bornhauser (#7 Porsche). Bornhauser was pushing hard and overtook Tonelli.

A bit further in the field, Jean-Claude Police (#33 Pro GT by Alméras Porsche) was moving up and succeded in passing Tonelli's Mercedes for third place before the chequered flag.

Race 2 result - here 

In the driver standings, Pasquali/Beltoise are leading with 114,5 points, ahead of Groppi/Bornhauser 107 and Ortelli/Hallyday 92.

Full standings - here

Claude Foubert