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JRM’s Late Switch Brings Comeback Kids Back To The Fray

The news that the JRM Racing squad were to sit out the FIA WEC in 2013 wasn’t entirely unexpected with the economic realities of life biting hard in many quarters in motorsport at present

JRM Team Principal James Rumsey though still says that the outfit are pursuing commercial sponsorship for their Honda LMP1 programme.

There was a still further change in plans for JRM to follow, albeit a rather more subtle one.

In the immediate aftermath of the decision to park the Honda, Rumsey told the DSC Editor that the team would concentrate on the other major sportscar programme already in his company’s repertoire, the production of the GT3 spec Nissan NISMO GTR, including the testing and development of a substantial 2013 upgrade kit, and the marketing and post sales support for the cars in the European market. 

He also confirmed that a race programme for the JRM team was “very likely” as part of the marketing effort for the cars. Though was at pains to say that the team would be taking great care to avoid competing directly against its customers.

Things have changed since then an a couple of fronts – Firstly there has been the uncertainty caused by the rejection of the Team RJN/ GT Academy entry from the British GT Championship and secondly it seems that an initial likely part season JRM programme moved rapidly to a full season effort in the Blancpain Endurance Series.

‘The decision to enter the Blancpain Series has a distinct customer focus. Together with NISMO, our valued partner in the project, we have one clear aim: to ensure we have a competitive customer package that is continuously developed. The on-track performance gains will be directly passed on to our customers, who will benefit from the combined experience of NISMO’s expertise in designing top quality sportscars and JRM’s excellence in engineering development and race preparation.

‘In recent years we believe that Blancpain has represented the highest level of GT3 racing in Europe and has become one of the most popular sportscar championships. This level of competition ensures that teams and drivers stay sharp and the technical challenges are considerable. For these reasons it is a good opportunity to further develop the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 customer package for GT3 racing and provide the best possible support to both existing and potential customers.

This progrmme though looks likely to pitch JRM’s planned Pro-Am car head to head over a full season with the RJN boys, and that was unlikely to be in anyone’s plans pre-season – though the potential needle here might add very considerably to the spice on offer for the Series!

There looks unlikely to be though a head to head Nissan contest in the Pro category, JRM announced a top class driver pairing for their lead car with Peter Dumbreck and Lucas Luhr paired for the season.

That’s a second GT racing programme for Dumbreck (coupled with his already announced plans with Aston Martin Racing), and a third sportscar programme for Luhr with LMP1 plans for Muscle Milk in the ALMS and a Le Mans start in LMP2 with Jota Sport already in the bag.

Both men raced for JRM in the GT1 iteration of the Nissan GTR in the FIA GT1 World Championship with Luhr claiming the 2011 World Championship win with the team.

Dumbreck’s tenure in GT1 came with the sister Sumo Power team from 2010, a partnership which continued through to last year’s FIA WEC when Dumbreck was part of the full season line-up with the team’s LMP1 programme.

Lucas commented:

‘I’m pleased and excited to join up with JRM again, and to get back behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R. I know the team very well from the 2011 season and the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 I’ll be racing is based on the GT1 car I won the GT1 championship with, so I believe there is huge potential. The car looks good and clearly has the performance to do well in this championship so I’m very hopeful of a good year.’

Peter added;

“Continuing with JRM this year was a natural move after the success we’ve had together in the past three seasons. Blancpain is a competitive series and the car we have is capable of doing very well. I know that JRM and Nismo have been working hard to get the most from the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 and I really think we can show that this year. I’m looking forward to getting out on track and mixing it up with the rest of the field.’