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ALMS, Sebring Winter Test - Gallery 2
Photography by Regis Lefebure

They're Back
All Smiles At SRT
SRT Take Up The Optional Camera Feature

Tristan Nunez - Reigning Cooper Tires Prototype Lites Champion And Only Just Turned 17
No Time To Admire The Scenery
Classic Floridian Landscape

The Driver's Rusty, Not The Car
JDX Takes The Rental For A Spin
AJR Back To Defend Its GTC Title

TRG At Speed
David Sims Clearly Means Business In 2013

Red Is So In
A Busy Two Days For Bryan Sellers
A Good Start In GTC For Flying Lizard

Heat Haze
Two Little Ducks
Nelson Keeps Both Eyes Open

A Focussed Olivier Beretta
Racing Is Speed Incarnate
ESM Gathers Data - But Not For GTE

Really Impressive Sportscar Image
Third Quickest For MacNeil and Bleekemolen

Long Distance Pursuit
"Mountain Dew? I Think You've come To The Wrong Place Mate!"
Quicker Than Last Year For Muscle Milk

Mike Hedlund Making Headway
Industrial Backdrop
Black Beauty

An Encouraging Test For Performance Tech
Jan Heylen
No Intra-Reptilian Battles In 2013 Alas

Rapid Inside Sebring International
Damien Faulkner Impressed For TRG..

..But Spencer Pumpelly Went Quicker For Flying Lizard
Tyre Development The Aim For Team Falken
Porsche In profile

....And After!
Viper Outpaces Porsche
Grainy Picture

"Psst...Wanna Buy A Watch?"
First Time On Michelins For Bryce Miller
Leica Lover