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A Look Back At The 1983 Silverstone 1000Km's
Photography by John Brooks

A frustrating weekend for David Palmer and Roy Baker as the engine in their Harier RX83C Mazda expired before the race started
The second Joest Racing Porsche 956, driven by Hans Heyer, Volkert Merl and Claus Schickentanz
Jan Lammers

Entered by SIVAMA Racing #51 was a coupé version of the 1982 Lancia LC1. This example was driven by Oscar Larrauri and Masimo Sigala, it retired after 94 laps with head gasket problems
Norbert Singer checks his watch as Stefan Bellof takes the Rothmans Porsche 956 back into the race. There are more people in the pitlane than actually attend some races these days, that has certainly changed
Massimo Sigala and Oscar Larrauri on the pit wall

Second place for Bob Wollek and Stefan Johansson in the Joest Racing Porsche 956
Hans Stuck in the Sehcar C6 Cosworth chased by Ray Mallock in the Aston Martin Nimrod. The German retired after 32 laps with gearbox troubles
Highest placed non-Porsche finisher was Ray Mallock and Mike Salmon in the Aston Martin Nimrod

Michele Alborteo before the start with Lancia rally driver, Antonella Mandelli
Preston Henn, Swapshop founder, was a regular on the Endurance trail during the early 80's
The Obermaier Porsche 956 sits on the fourth row of the grid. Crewed by Jürgen Lässig, Axel Plankenhon and Harald Grohs, the smartly turned out Porsche was to finish a fine fourth

The flag drops and the bullshit stops. Derek Bell and Bob Wollek get a little too close for comfort as Michele Alboreto's Lancia LC2 makes a better get away to grab an immdiate lead
Michele Alboreto climbs aboard his Lancia
One of Lancia's Grand Prix stars, Piercarlo Ghinzani

Still stunning after 30 years, Ricardo Patrese's Martini sponsored Lancia LC2
You never know what to expect at Silverstone
Manfred Kremer supervises a pit stop for the Kremer Porsche, while in the background Norbert Singer observes

The legendary Yojiro Terada, factory driver for Mazda back in 1983, who has started 29 Le Mans 24 hours, 28 consecutively
David Hobbs in the John Fitzpatrick Racing 956
Yojiro Terada retires the Mazda 717C after a wheel peg shears

The other Lancia LC2 of Duilio Truffo and Joe Castellano also retired after an accident
New star in the Rothmans Porsche team, Stefan Bellof. He grabbed pole position at Silverstone by an amazing two seconds!
Group C Junior class winners, Martino Finotto and Carlo Facetti in the Alba Carma-GianniniAR2

Pit stop for #2 Rothmans Porsche and Stefan Bellof
1983; Group C; Guy Edwards; Preston Henn; Silverstone; World Endurance Championship
Alan Jones and Vern Schuppan

V8 Aston Martin power
V8 Turbo Ferrari power for the Lancia LC2
Brand new Porsche 956 in long tail specification for Preston Henn and Guy Edwards

Derek Bell and Stefan Bellof were dominant in the Rothmans Porsche 956