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ADAC GT Masters, Assen - Race Reports
Abt Audis Up Top

The fourth weekend of the ADAC GT Masters took place at the Dutch TT in Assen. The circuit occupied most of the time by motorbikes heavily favored the mid-engined cars, so it was no surprise that the pole-positions for the two races went to the two Abt Audi R8 LMSs; with Kuba Giermaziak securing the top sport for race one, while Christopher Mies took the top honour for race two.

Race 1

Kuba Giermaziak took the lead right away from the start of the race, while his teammate Luca Ludwig in the second Abt-Audi R8 LMS kept second position behind the Pole and keeping him in sight. Behind the two Audis a three car pack was fighting for the next spots. Martin Matzke lost his starting position (third) during the opening laps of the race to Jimmy Johansson in the Pole Promotion Audi and Norman Knoop in the lone Ascari, but the Czech got back into third fairly quickly.

Giermaziak was able to separate himself from his pursuers by more than nine seconds before the pit window opened. Midway through the open pit window, Martin Wachter spun his Corvette on his own oil; also prompting Oliver Dutt and Roland van De Laar to spin and race control to deploy the safety car. Most of the teams used this caution period to do their mandatory driver change. During the safety car period the rain drops started to intensify, so most of the teams decided to pit their cars for a second time in order to change the tires.

Just a lap after going green again the safety car went out for a second time, this after Jörg Bergmeister in the Mühlner Porsche and Jens Klingmann in the pole-sitting Audi touched, leading the Porsche to crash into the barriers while the Audi stopped on track with a broken rear suspension. The new leader was Sebastian Asch in the Wieth Porsche, ahead of Andreas Wieth and Antoine Leclerc; most of them on slick tires.

In fifth position was Christopher Mies, in the Abt Audi on rain tires. The young German was charging through the field and four laps before the finish he got past the Wieth Porsche and S-Berg Alpina in turn 1.

The race win went to Christopher Mies and Luca Ludwig ahead of the Alpina of Martin Matzke and Andreas Wirth.

Third place went to the Ascari of Norman Knoop and Roland Rehfeld. Fourth went to the Pole Promotion Audi, ahead of the Wirth Porsche. The Corvette Z06.R GT3 of Sven Hannawald and Thomas Jäger finished sixth, while Frank Schmickler and Antoine Leclerc took seventh place. The finals point were awarded to the championship leaders Albert von Thurn und Taxis and Peter Kox.

Race 2

First lap, first corner, first crash of the race; Antoine Leclerc in the Mühlner Porsche touched the Alpina of Andreas Wirth, while Bernard von Oranje crashed into the Alpina taking both out of the race and prompting the safety car to come out.

After five laps behind the safety car race control gave green.

Christopher Mies kept his lead ahead of Jörg Bergmeister and the two Rosberg Audi R8 LMSs of Jan Seyffarth and Michael Ammermüller plus Mies’ teammate Klingmann. Fighting for sixth position was the Wieth Porsche of Sebastian Asch and the Callaway Corvette of Christian Hohenadel.

There were only a few racing laps until the opening of the pit window, most of the teams used most of the pit window time until making their mandatory stop. After the pit stops Mies’ teammate Luca Ludwig was still leading ahead of Tim Bergmeister. Kuba Giermaziak was able to get passed Bernd Herndlhofer for third position.

In the final third of the race the action on the track intensified. Tim Bergmeister and Kuba Giermaziak were in an intense fight for the second position, when Luca Ludwig suddenly ran into problems, leading him to fall back into fourth after having to restart the engine. Bergmeister ran into trouble himself, damaging the front of his Porsche and leading to a retirement.

The new order of the top three was Kuba Giermaziak ahead of Jimmy Johansson and Bernd Herndlhofer.

After 60 minutes Giermaziak and his partner Jens Klingmann took their first win of the season. Second went to Heiko Hammel and Jimmy Johansson in the Pole Promotion Audi R8 LMS, giving the team their first podium of the season. Luca Ludwig was able to get past Bernd Herndlhofer for third, pushing Herndlhofer and his partner Jan Seyffarth back into fourth place.

Firth place went to the Alpina of Achim Winter and Kevin Veltmann. Albert von Thurn und Taxis and Peter Kox finished in sixth position. The Corvette of Toni Seiler and Christian Hohenadel took seventh ahead of Sebastian Asch and Niclas Kentenich.

The championship is still with Albert von Thurn und Taxis and Peter Kox, six points ahead of Christopher Mies and Luca Ludwig. Third is Tim Bergmeister. The next round of the ADAC GT Masters takes place August 13th through the 15th at the Eurospeedway Lausitzring.

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