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Pictures Of The Year

There's still plenty to come as we round up an excellent 2012 with The DSC Year and another episode of Away from the Tracks still to come - as well as the answers to the DSC Quiz.

From today though we add yet more End of Year fun as our valiant snappers have finally finished their jumbo tubs of Quality Street and Watney's Party Sevens and have found the time to select some of their favourite images of 2012.

First up - Andrew 'Skippy' Hall as chosen by Doris

This is Sunday morning at Le Mans and I love this shot for its colour and because it's not the usual sunrise shot.

This is my favourite shot of the year by any photographer but I couldn't put into words why! I don't know what it is about this picture that appeals but I do wish I'd taken it.

A great shot, perfect use of light.

Sadly I never got to Japan this year but this was my favourite shot from Fuji. I love the way the sun is radiating it's glow and the texture in the sky.

Skippy always seems to see more than the rest of us and his detail shots are legendary but i like this shot for its humour.