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GreenGT’s Garage 56 Entry Pulled

The reason for a somewhat enigmaticresponse when The DSC Editor called the team yesterday became clear this morning when the hydrogen fuelled GreenGT has been withdrawn from its Garage 56 slot at next month’s Le Mans 24 Hours

Whilst confirming that the team behind the car will continue to test, the car is simply not ready to compete.

Jean-François Weber, Managing Director and Head of R&D of GreenGT, says:

"The GreenGT H2 is already showing great potential and has great scope for improvement. However, the complexity and cost of this unique model requires the use of extremely rigorous methods and very time-consuming new procedures.

”We are only at the beginning of this adventure, and it is essential for us not to cut corners and continue the development of that highly effective demonstration of hydrogen technology which is the GreenGT H2".
Jean-Michel Bouresche, Sales & Marketing Director of GreenGT, says:

"First of all, we wish to thank ACO for its confidence in GreenGT. Box 56 is a splendid initiative for encouraging innovative technologies. The GreenGT H2 fits perfectly into this scenario and, although the Le Mans 2013 event has come too soon for us, we are actively working with ACO on a worldwide presentation programme for the GreenGT H2.

The names of world-famous drivers will be announced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. They will be our ambassadors for the presentation of this technology of the future."

Vincent Beaumesnil, Sports Director of the ACO, says:

"The technology of the GreenGT H2 is perfectly in line with the spirit of innovation that ACO intends to promote with Box 56. It works, and the ACO was right in believing in the technological merits of this project.

”But the 24 Hours of Le Mans is a high endurance event, and it is premature for the GreenGT H2 to take up this challenge. However, we will continue to support this initiative and, together with GreenGT, we will soon announce a worldwide demonstration tour which will take place during the same week as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and, possibly, an unranked presence at the start of a World Endurance Championship race, as the regulations allow the presence of this type of vehicle on the starting grid."