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Paris's Arty Elite Spoil The Party

Pompidon't Unveil The Oak Art Car

When art and sport meet its often a clash of sharply differing cultures and it seems that the Oak Racing team might well have been caught up protocol (and possibly the egos!) at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris where the OAK Racing Costa Art Car, the official Art Car of the 90th anniversary of the Le Mans 24 Hours, was due to be revealed yesterday evening at an event to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the greatest race in the world.

The presentation was suddenly forbidden without any warning whatsoever by the Centre itself for “reasons outside our control, and which we still do not understand.” Says the very diplomatically worded team statement.

“Thus, the three hundred carefully selected guests had to be content with seeing a shape under a black sheet.

“This, however, does not call into question the artistic quality of the car which, although present on the site, did not receive the slightest examination by those in charge of the centre.”

They are being polite but I think it is fair to surmise that there is more than a degree of artistic pomposity on display here from the powers that be.

The delay in formally unveiling the design is only a temporary postponement, and the team, with the artist Fernando Costa, have released a photograph of the Morgan Nissan car which will likely henceforth be know in these quarters as “Andy Blackmore’s Worst Nightmare!”

Look out for the car next weekend at the Test Day and for Andy’s peerless Spotters Guide (again provided free thanks to our friends at Nissan) to the 56 entrants in the coming days – Beware of expensive and inferior alternatives!