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Pictures Of The Year - Peter 'Pedro' May

As Chosen by Soren 'Zorro' Herveg

When I got asked by DSC’s very own David Downes to pick out the best pictures of the year 2012 I felt honoured, but when I heard it had to be the ones taken by Peter ‘Pedro’ May I felt a little bit horrified, simply because Pedro is virtually everywhere: often covering two events at two different venues or even two different countries on the same weekend. So I knew picking out his five best shots would be difficult, I decided to pick out pictures from races or race series that I would have loved to attend in 2012.

So here we go, the first shot is from the Spa 24 Hours. And I remember sitting at home on Friday getting mad at myself for not taking the trip up to the Ardennes Roller Coaster on Saturday, but when I turned on the web feed on Saturday night I was actually quite happy to be at home on the comfort of my sofa. Why? Because there was this typical torrential rain going down at Spa and I think Pedro captured these wet hours very well in this picture of the United Autosports Audi.

His second picture is very static, it shows the Murphy Prototype Team doing their pitstop practice at the first ELMS Round at Paul Riccard. What makes this shot a killer one in my eyes is the setting sun, giving the picture a very warm feeling.

Ever since I started in Motorsport photography I promised myself to one day cover a real street racing event, to this day the closest I got was one DTM/ ADAC GT Masters Round at the Norisring, but this doesn’t compare to a real street racing event. Why do I love racing that looks like is held in a bobsled run, because you usually get some stunning architecture that you are able to incorporate in your background. And Pedro did just that in this picture of the Baku City Challenge.

This picture is from an event DSC will soon be off to cover once again, the Dubai 24 Hours. Why do I think its great? Because it shows you the unique podium celebration they use for this desert classic, where else in the world can you say you were transported by a camel from the parc ferme to the podium.

The final picture is a standard one from Le Mans, shot at the last chicane before the start finish straight during the night. Why do I love this shot, simply because I’ve never been to Le Mans and would really like to take this shot myself. Hopefully that will change in the near future.