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British GT, Snetterton - Race 1 Report
The Gods Smile On United Autosports At Last

11:37 Greetings from a warm and sunny Snetterton, where the first of the day's two British GT races is due to get underway in 20 minutes. All 24 cars are expected to start the race - the Ecurie Ecosse BMW having been successfully repaired - although the Stark by Hepworth Ginetta G55 suffered a misfire during warm-up which was causing some concern during the morning.
11:41 With qualifying rained out yesterday afternoon, the grid has been decided on the Free Practice 1 times from yesterday morning, which leaves David Ashburn starting on pole in the #31 Trackspeed Porsche 997 GT3 R, with Danielle Perfetti alongside in the #11 Motorbase Porsche. Jody Fannin starts from GT4 pole in the #55 Team WFR G50, 18th overall.
11:48 No Lotus Evoras at Snetterton this weekend as Sailesh Bolisetti was unable to get a visa. Both cars are expected at the next round at Silverstone on September 7/8.
11:50 Also absent this weekend - the Rosso Verde Ferrari, Preci-Spark Mercedes, JMH Nissan and Team WFR G55. Again, all four should be back at Silverstone when a 30-strong grid is expected.
11:51 The grid is clearing ahead of the pace lap. The sun is still shining, with not a hint of a grey cloud on the horizon.
11:53 Charles Bateman struggles to get away in the fourth-placed United Autosports McLaren, but finally gets going before all cars had gone past meaning he is able to resume his start position. Richard Dean tells Ian Titchmarsh that it is just unfamiliarity with the car that led to the stall.

11:53 24 cars will take the start.
11:54 Green
11:55 All cars get round the first corner without incident and the top four cars hold formation.
11:56 Perfetti runs wide into Oggie's and drops to fourth. Andrew Howard is now third in the Beechdean Aston Martin Vantage.
11:56 Howard dives down the inside of Ashburn at Murrays and takes the lead.
11:57 Bateman also went by the Porsche and crossed the line in second.
11:58 Order after 1 lap: 7, 24, 31, 11, 5, 33, 79, 32, 35, 21, 12, 34, 10, 4, 14, 98, 61, 55, 47, 52, 97, 42, 53 and 69
11:59 Bateman gets the lead from Howard and has an advantage of 0.757s across the line after two laps.
12:00 Bateman sets two fastest sectors as he tries to pull away.

12:01 The #24 MP4-12C leads by 3.201s after three laps, while Howard has a cushion of a second over Ashburn. Perfetti is still fourth, but Alastair McCaig is challenging for the position in the #79 BMW.
12:04 Jann Mardenborough and Duncan Cameron pass Steve Tandy on Lap 4; the #35 Nissan thus goes to sixth and the #21 Ferrari seventh. Marco Attard is up to tenth in the #34 rhino's Leipert Lamborghini (from 15th) and about four seconds behind the #33 Porsche of Jon Minshaw.

12:06 GT4 is led by Jody Fannin, by three seconds from the Mazda of Mark Ticehurst. there is then a large gap to third in class, where Lee Mowle is defending from Zoe Wenham.
12:07 As the McLaren continues to pull away - 8.774s after six laps - Andrew Howard has had a moment somewhere and dropped to seventh. Ashburn is now second, but Perfetti and McCaig are within a second.
12:09 Perfetti crosses the line at the end of Lap 7 just 0.071s behind Ashburn, but the Trackspeed driver closes the door at Riches and the Motorbase car has to yield.
12:10 Meanwhile, Mardenborough is hassling McCaig for for fourth place.
12:11 As Ashburn continues to defend second, McCaig and Mardenborough catch up with Perfetti; and when the Swiss tries again at Riches he runs slightly wide and drops two places.
12:13 Phil Burton has passed Attard in the Predator Ferrari Scuderia (now run by JMH Automotive) and is defending tenth from the LP600+
12:14 McCaig has also had a moment somewhere and has dropped to sixth. The RJN Nissan is now third and half a second behind Ashburn's Porsche.

12:14 Bateman takes full advantage of the fight behind him to extend his lead past 18 seconds as the pit-window approaches.
12:15 Attard regains tenth from Burton.
12:17 Ashburn and Mardenborough appear to have had a coming-together on Lap 11. The Nissan drops to sixth, but Ashburn drops to ninth. Perfetti is back in second and Cameron up to third in the MTECH 458.
12:17 Pit window open.
12:18 Bateman stays out as expected, but the pitlane is about to get very busy as the ams hand over to the pros.
12:19 Perfetti, Cameron, Howard, McCaig, Mardenborough, Steve Tandy, Ashburn, Attard, Burton, Dhillon, Parish all stop.
12:20 The Nissan is being looked at and Alex Buncombe has to wait before being released into the race.
12:20 Matt Griffin looks to have gained a place after a good stop from MTECH.
12:20 Jody Fannin almost collides with the Lambo as he brings the GT4-leading Ginetta in to hand over to Warren Hughes.
12:21 The GTC-leading Ferrari 458 Challenge of Gary Eastwood is currently second, but has yet to stop.
12:21 Bateman in. Matt Bell takes over.
12:22 Buncombe brings the Nissan back in - doesn't look good.
12:23 The #98 Invitation class Chevron GT3 of Jordan Witt has been in the pits for several laps already and looks to be a retirement.

12:24 The Mazda looks to have gone missing out ontrack.
12:25 Bell crosses the line after 15 laps and leads from matt Griffin by 12.803 seconds. Michael Caine is third in the #11 Porsche, six seconds further back.
12:26 Hay Fisher reports that Matt Bell has had a couple of minor offs already and Charles Bateman confirms to David Addison that the McLaren has a very long pedal.
12:27 'Team Manager car 21 to race control' Oh dear - was the MTECH stop a bit too good?
12:28 Jonnie Adam sets the fastest lap of the race - 1:52.596 - and closes to with eight seconds of Caine.
12:30 Dominic Evans heads GT4 in the #42 Century G50 by 11 seconds from George Murrells in the #52 Optimum Ginetta. Alex Osborne is third in the #69 APO Ginetta. The WFR G50 has lost a lap and dropped to fourth in class somehow.
12:30 Car 21 - 1 second stop/go penalty!
12:31 This will promote Caine to second and Adam to third.
12:32 Joe Osborne is going quickly in the #32 Trackspeed Porsche and closing on the #33 car of Tim Harvey for fifth.
12:33 Griffin takes his penalty and very angrily leaves the pitlane in a cloud of smoke and rubber.
12:33 Another fastest for Adam - 1:52.451 - now 6.240s from Caine.
12:34 The MTECH penalty leaves Bell leading by 17 seconds and seemingly on his way to victory.
12:34 In GT4 Murrells is suddenly right on Evans' tail and a change for the class lead looks imminent.
12:35 Griffin has dropped to fourth.
12:36 Aaron Scott in the #5 Scuderia Vittoria Ferrari is closing on Adam Wilcox in the Predator Ferrari, but Hari Prozcyk is 20 seconds further down the road in ninth.

12:37 Richard Westbrook sets a personal best for the #31 Porsche as he closes to within a second of the #79 BMW of Ollie Millroy in seventh.
12:38 Adam continues to close on Caine and is 4.485s behind with 13 minutes remaining.
12:38 Oil reported on the track at the hairpin.
12:38 The Nissan has not returned to the race.
12:39 Westbrook takes the place from Millroy.
12:40 Alex Osborne goes off at Riches. Meanwhile, the GT4 lead has indeed changed and Murrells leads by six seconds.
12:40 The WFR Ginetta looks to be in trouble too.
12:43 With ten minutes to go, the focus is on the fight for second and fourth. Adam is 2.633s behind Caine, while Westbrook is closing on the Harvey/Osborne fight - we could soon have three Trackspeed Porsches nose-to-tail.
12:44 Wilcox is still holding off the 458 of Scott, but this is allowing Piers Johnson to close in the #4 Speedworks Corvette.
12:45 Hughes has pitted the WFR Ginetta. If the APO car is out, the #53 Complete Racing Aston GT4 could get third if Phil Keen can keep the delayed car going.
12:46 1.211 seconds between second and third with five minutes to go.
12:47 The three Porsches are together, but Osborne has finally found a way past Harvey for fifth, leaving the veteran racer to fend off Westbrook. His resistance doesn't last long, however, and the #33 drops to seventh.
12:48 Adams is now just half a second behind Caine. Can the Porsche driver make his car wide enough for the final three laps?

12:49 Westbrook looks poised to take fourth from Osborne.
12:49 Aaron Scott has finally got past Adam Wilcox, who now has just two seconds in hand over Piers Johnson.
12:51 Johnson is himself under pressure from the #10 Porsche of Benji Hetherington.
12:51 One lap to go - Caine is still half a second clear of Adam. Osborne is still clear of Westbrook.
12:53 The clock has run down to 00.00.00, and Matt Bell rounds Murrays to take a dominant win in the United Autosports McLaren MP4-12C GT3.

12:53 16 seconds later, Michael Caine crosses the line still ahead of Jonnie Adam.
12:55 Matt Griffin takes fourth while Joe Osborne holds on to fifth ahead of Richard Westbrook.
12:56 Tim Harvey is seventh, Ollie Millroy eighth, Hari Prozcyk ninth and Aaron Scott tenth.
12:57 Adam Wilcox holds onto to 11th as he, Piers Johnson and Benji Hetherington cross the line nose-to-tail.
12:58 Despite its misfire, the Stark Ginetta of Ian Stinton and Jake Rattenbury come home 14th.

12:59 Ryan Hooker brings the FF Corse Challenge home in 15th.
 GT4 suffered a major melt-down. George Murrells took the win for Optimum by a minute from the Century Ginetta, which limped across the line after late problems. Phil Keen did indeed bring the Aston home to hand Complete Racing a debut podium. No other cars finished in the class.
13:02 That's it for Race 1 - the second race follows at 16:45. Join us then.